Tuesday, November 4, 2008

They Mark That Hundred Feet for a Reason

I was shocked by the utter disappointment I received from the kids when I announced last night that I was going to go vote after I dropped them at the bus.

"But you always take us!"

Dang. Okay. My cup runneth over with pride. Or something.

We arrive at the polling place, and there's no line. Be jealous. Of course, the genius behind the desk, after Sam spelled out the first three letters of our last name three times, declared that we were not listed. So I went ahead and flipped to the next page for her and pointed out our names. That little code at the bottom of the page, the one that shows "BRA-BRI", that can be confusing. I mean, shouldn't a "BRO" name fit in there?

So no line and two booths for our district meant that Sam and I got to vote at the same time. Connor went in with Sam, and Emily and Ethan with me.

"Okay, so this first thing is a referendum. It's kinda long, so I'll explain it to you in the car. We're voting 'yes'. That X? It shows me that I chose that one. Flipping this little thing reveals the X. The rest of these, the top shows what we're voting for, and then the choices are lined up underneath. This is for state congress, and this one (blah blah blah, this crap is even boring me, so skipping ahead) ...Now this very first one? That's for president. See? Obama, McCain, McCain, McCain, Obama, Obama, then a few other people that are running."

Emily and Ethan, in stereo and loud, "Barack Obama!"

Holy crap, we're going to get arrested.

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