Monday, September 6, 2010

More from Ethan. He's the most entertaining.

We see a woman with multiple facial piercings walking toward us in the mall- not just several, but every conceivable nose, eyebrow and lip piercing.

Sam, quietly to me (obviously not quiet enough): I wonder what else she has pierced.
Ethan: Her ears.

I don't recall the circumstances, here, but we'll just assume it's a typical day.

Me: Bloody hell!
Ethan: That's what Gordon Ramsey says... except it's beeeeeeeeep.

A commercial comes on television for a show called "Deadliest Warrior: Viking versus Samurai".

Ethan: I think it should be "Something versus Ninja". 'Cause ninjas always win.

We are at a hotel breakfast buffet. Ethan is deciding what he wants to eat, but is disappointed to find that they only have strawberry or strawberry/banana yogurt. He is only a fan of vanilla:

Me: I'm sorry, but most people don't eat vanilla yogurt.
Ethan, with genuine confusion: What do they do with it, then?
Random Other Customer: *snort*

He's not for sale, but perhaps I'll rent him out. (Just kidding, CPS.)


Call Me Cate said...

I call first dibs on him. Ethan is my kind of kid! (Just kidding, CPS - we all know that no kids are my kind of kids.)

AinsleyB said...

Tell Ethan I eat Vanilla yogurt--he is not alone. (do you charge Aunts?)

Amy said...

Hi there,
stumbled upon your post as I was sitting getting ready to type something about my son (20)....he told me today that he could not go to the dump for me today because he had a final to study for. That would be fair enough except he was still in bed at 9am and then followed it up by saying he was going to go ahead and get a lot of sleep to be really ready for it ... tomorrow!