Wednesday, March 30, 2011

That's my girl.

For the entirety of their lives, I have given my kids a hard time whenever they try to talk to me through the bathroom door. Sometimes I say, "Not when I'm in the bathroom!", "I'll talk to you when I come out!", or "I'm in the bathroom!" Because, dammit, those two minutes are my me-time, and I deserve it. Generally speaking, they don't need to be reprimanded much anymore: "Mom?" "Bathroom!" "Oh," and little (and now? notsolittle) feet patter away.

This was the conversation this evening:

Connor: Where did Mom go?
Emily: She's going to the bathroom! Is that okay with you?

Ah, grasshopper.


Christine said...

Yep. She's one of us. Nice to see she's got yer back.

toxicink said...

I think its soo cute how they allways want to be with you even if your in the bathroom :)

-julie :)

lin said...

What a happy family, wish you peace and happiness. --