Friday, June 3, 2011

We got dry ice packed in with a shipment at work today.

Apparently I'm rather odd, in that as soon as I saw it, I claimed it. "Oh, I am taking that home!" My coworker looked at me oddly. "You know, you can freeze fruit, shatter it. You can make a spooky cauldron. You can even make root beer!" He gave me that look; you know the one. It says, Okay, sweetie. I'm glad you're excited. You're weird for it, but hey, I'm happy that you're happy.

This is the same reaction I got from a second coworker.

Then, as I was walking out of the building, I passed Kevin. I do so adore Kevin. He gave me the curious look: You have a box. That's not one of our normal boxes. The box has frost on it. Tell me about the box!

I had just the slightest hesitation before telling him about it. Twice bitten, whatnot. But this was Kevin! He did not let me down.

"Ohmygod, dry ice is. so. cool! You can do so many things with it! Like a spooky cauldron. Do we get this in a lot? Where can you even buy dry ice?*"

I love Kevin. But he was not getting my dry ice. He can have the next batch, though, I swear.

I'm gonna stand on this side of the normal line, with Kevin. Life's always more fun over here.

Me, enjoying one of those cool things you can do with dry ice. This is kind of in real time because Sam is taking this photo while I'm writing this post. Also, my husband is a kick-ass bartender.
See the fog? See the frozen lemons? See the tequila?

*Dear those closer to the west coast (okay, mostly Utah). You cannot buy dry ice in supermarkets in the east. I know, this is odd to you. It is, nonetheless, a fact.


Mom said...

Noticed it was not root beer that was immediately made...priorities! How about strawberries and pineapple for sorbet???

Call Me Cate said...

Oooh, a spooky drink! I spent awhile scratching my head, trying to think what your work would receive that requires dry ice. And then I said - who cares, dry ice!!!

Christine said...

I saw the title and immediately thought "Oh how much fun! Spooky drinks and science experiments!"

Next time I get my hands on it I'm making an adult beverage!

Amie said...

so i just happened to stumble across this as i wasted the day pressing 'next blog>>' and i'm telling you, you have me in hysterics. not necesarily because of the writing, the incident or anything like that... but because you might have well inserted my name along with my friends names instead of your name and your coworkers. much approval. dry ice is (sadly) not as easy to access here as it appears to be where you are though :(