Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Irish Suck

As we continue our landscape improving- we built our house a few years ago and therefore started with virgin land- the deer are being right bastards. Because I'm me, I took hours on my computer laying out the positioning for several evergreens (did someone says pine trees?) along one edge of our land. And the deer came along and chose four of the more delicate plants and ate them dead. This was after they stripped three brand new cherry trees to nothing. NOTHING. Now I've never been one for hunting- shut up, it's my blog, I don't care if you like hunting, take your whining elsewhere. That being said, I want these deer dead. Hang their corpses from the surrounding trees to warn the others! You eat what I have loved and cared for and spent money on, next time I poison it.


So anyway, four dead evergreens to be replaced. At the local nursery, we came across these gorgeous- and not so expensive considering they're over six feet tall- Irish Junipers (soft pine trees). Oh, damn, almost all of them were marked sold! Only three left! Quick, take the tags and get the dude to mark these two sold for us!

We scrambled and got the two we wanted. As it's against either of our natures to ask for help, we pulled the car around to load them ourselves. And discovered that our lovely soft Junipers... hurt like hell. Hurt. Bad. Ohmygodthepain. It was bad enough that they were super heavy and not in pots, instead wrapped in burlap and rope. But these oh-so-pretty top heavy plants were so stingy-scratchy that I was in pain on my forearms for hours. To add injury to injury, Sam and I both managed to smack each other in the face with these Satan-trees when we were planting them.

On the positive side- because I'm a silver-lining kinda girl- I dare those friggin' deer to try to eat these.


KlevaBich said...

Never dare the deer. They will eat anything, depending on their whim. Certain plants are deer resistant, but one year out of the blue the bastards will eat even those.

My parents fought an unending battle with deer for almost forty years, and the frustrations are enormous. I wish you luck!

Call Me Cate said...

Hey, I'm Irish! Sorta. And I do suck, sorta.

Something is making little holes in a few of our plants. Dunno it if it's bugs, squirrels, bunnies... Shouldn't be deer though. Good luck with those trees! At least there should be no danger of your kids eating them.

InMyOwnZoo said...

I would give just about anything to have gotten to see this entire adventure.

AinsleyB said...

Lemon essential oil spray sister...ya want some? Spray it all over whatever you don't want eaten. Hey? Do you think that would work for the kids too?