Friday, April 17, 2009

My sinuses can go straight to hell.

I'm sick. Again. I've narrowed down the cause to one of two things. Either Cate got me sick- the more likely scenario, or all the dust we've created through some minor demo and construction in our house has clogged me up, encouraging a sinus infection. I'm pretty sure it's Cate, though.

I had a bad time at work last night because I felt slightly drunk from the pressure in my head/sinus/ears. A little foggy, a little dizzy. On the positive side, I didn't deal with any crap customers (that I can remember?).

The problem is, I'm finally feeling motivated to get my house really clean, what with some free time due to one of my jobs being over for the season, and with new, fresh construction making me feel inspired. But feeling hellish means that progress going down the drain.

So what to do? Answer: live vicariously through friend Cassie who is not feeling hellish and is also feeling inspired to do some home improvements. Cassie's husband is not happy with my meddling, I think. I encourage Cassie's home-remodeling bug. He needs only hear Cassie say, "Sarah and I have been discussing the kitchen," and the poor man knows his work load is about to explode. I'm pretty sure he hates me dead. Possibly, there is something off in Cassie's and my friendship...

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Call Me Cate said...

The joys of Spring. Everyone's inspired to clean! Everyone's sick as hell. Not sure you can blame me for that though - mine's allergies and migraine which are not contagious.

After my closet cleaning escapades, I'm moved on to other rooms in the house but my plan suffered this week while sick as well. Look at you though with actual construction!

Also, always better to support someone else's projects than undertake your own. Less spousal discord that way.

Feel better soon!