Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I am SO not officially old.

We are spending a little less time in front of the television. We are getting up earlier. We are becoming more mature! (We bought a bird feeder.)

We are participating in a family activity. We aren't spending money. We are becoming better people! (We bought a bird feeder.)

It feels like a confession. But listen, you jerks, I am not old. It's fun. Okay, maybe not fun. But soothing. Did you know there are more than five different kinds of birds? There's way more than that. Like eight (no). Everyone has their own check-list and we sit at the windows for hours on end, looking at books full of birds, like scared witnesses flipping through mug-shot albums trying to identify a thief.

It sounds boring, but we've really been enjoying it, and the kids don't object and they're not staring at any kind of screen (other than the one that keeps the bugs out), which is not something that is easy to claim these days. It also gives them an excuse to chase squirrels.

And, just to prove how not mature I am, doubters, it throws me every time one of my kids yells out "a tufted titmouse!".


Ribbon said...

We have a bird bath and we sit and stare at the birds too.

best wishes
Ribbon :-)

Call Me Cate said...

I would never call you old. To your face.

Actually, I think it's pretty awesome that you're hanging more with the family. And that you bought a bird feeder. But you're definitely not old.

AinsleyB said...

OMG I just realized what birthday it is for you this year. Holy crap....I mean Holy Titmouse

Lins said...

love it: holy titmouse, i'm swiping that.