Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Because, shockingly, bird feeders quickly become squirrel feeders.

Sam whipping open the back door, mostly not clothed: Yeah! You better run you stupid squirrel!

Me: Get your boxer clad ass back in the house!

Sam: I have to give :insert neighbor lady's name here: something to drool over.

Ethan: Who's :insert neighbor lady's name here:?

Me: Nice. Idiot.

Sam: That's what I call the squirrel in our backyard.

Ethan: Oh.


Lins said...

and then when said lady actually does visit and ethan hears her name, he will say "We named a squirrel that!

AinsleyB said...

Inspired by you all I bought a fancy, dancy bird feeder. Didn't know I was headed for so much fun! Can't wait to get this sucker hung...

Call Me Cate said...

Sam, Sam, Sam... Will he ever learn?