Saturday, September 12, 2009

Six Word Saturday


Soccer starts tomorrow. Gee, what fun.


Lindy said...

Love your "enthusiasm." But then, my kids didn't play soccer. Enjoy your weekend!

Dr.John said...

Soccer is never fun on Monday

Betty said...

Do I sense some sarcasm there? :)

Drahdrah said...

Hope it is fun. Happy 6WS

Call Me Cate said...

Gee, you sound way excited!

Thanks for playing 6WS.

Quilly said...

What!? Has Amoeba enlisted the entire blogging world to pester me about going to the soccer games? This is like the 5th blog I've visited today nagging me about it. ;)

(Don't tell me it's not about me. I like feeling important.)

Gloria said...

I can sympathize... one started today and my other starts tomorrow! woo hoo... let the running around begin! Good luck!

Princess Andy said...

i. feel. your. enthusiasm.

child #1 ballet-monday
child #2 hip hop-tuesday (enuff said)
child #3 horse lessons-wednesday
child #4 archery-not yet scheduled
child #5 horse lessons-ALL THE FUCKING TIME

also on the agenda this week we have meet the parent night @ the high school tues and junior high school thursday.