Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A banana was not one of the things to go into the lunchbox.

This morning, Connor was putting his lunch... bits? containers? food stuffs?... into his lunchbox. "And to think," he said, "that I only have this *indicates lunchbox* because of cheating."

I gave him a glare. "At bible camp." Yes, bible camp. I know. Long, boring story, don't ask.

"Yeah," he said, then he smirked. "I'm going to hell." And off he flounced.

I? Stood there with my mouth hanging open. There's not much of a response for that- mostly because I'm sure he got the attitude (and, yes, okay, the phrase, too) from me.


Mo Diva said...


Call Me Cate said...

Haha. Connor is awesome. Cheating at bible camp is never boring. I wanna story!

AinsleyB said...

I love the cheating, smirking, and flouncing. He is wearing "12" quite nicely.

Mom said...

Cheating ...I was there....when? Not Connor...where would he learn that?