Monday, October 5, 2009

Scared and Pissed at the Same Time: A Normal Set of Emotions for a Mother

Connor beats me home on school days. Usually. With no warning, however, he did not today.

Me: Hi, my son Connor is in seventh grade there. He didn't come home and I'm just wondering if there's an after-school activity he might be attending?
School Secretary: Connor... hmm, actually, yeah. Dark hair, it's longish kinda...
Me: Shaggy, yes, that's him.
SS: Yeah, I was up there earlier, and I think he's staying after school for the book group.
Me: Ah, okay. Thanks so much, I'll beat him when he gets home.
SS: Alrighty, have a good day.


Anonymous said...

grrrrrr....he did come home.....right? My stomach dropped..

Princess Andy said...

wait until they intentionally frighten the shit out of you.

that is awesome.

i am one of those moms who keeps tabs via cellphone.

disgusting, i know.

but not until they turn @ least 10.



Mo Diva said...

He must be at the age where he thinks hes grown.

Sorry momma! I am glad he was at school though... so don't beat him too much (but i wouldnt spare the rod)!