Monday, November 30, 2009

I admit that the song is catchy. At least, it's better than a lot of the other crap they play- also ad nauseum.

Scarlett Johansson was on Ellen today- singing. I didn't realize she was a singer. Sam's response was something along the lines of a muttered, "She fancies herself a singer like all the rest of the actresses, huh."

But apparently I did know she was singer because once she started the song I realized that it was, indeed, from a CD that my store plays ad nauseum (this is latin for "until I (yes, me, specifically) vomit"- appropriate because that's what I want to do the third time this song comes on in a single shift).

During the follow-up interview, Johansson's partner in the duet album gave his reasons as to why he chose her to work with. This is when Connor piped up with, "It's just because she's hot!"

So later this evening, I was telling Sam about the fact that I knew the song, and I finished up with:

Me: Oh, and Connor thinks she's hot.
Connor: Am I not allowed my opinion?
Me: 'Course you are. I just find it funny that you find a woman older than your mother "hot".*
Sam: #snort#
Connor: Age is just a number, Mom.

*Okay, yes, now I realize that she is, in fact, five years younger than me. I think this undeniably qualifies as beside the point. Also, it ruins the story. And she looks older than me. Or at least more used. Whatever. Just shut up.


InMyOwnZoo said...
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InMyOwnZoo said...

I really could not absorb much more in this post beyond the fact that your husband used the phrase "She fancies herself"
The rest of it is the least of your problems.

P.S. I am sure glad you're blogging again.I miss it!

AinsleyB said...


InspiredDreamer said...

Oh my goodness you are now my favorite person. Your answer on Seven Days Seven Answers totally made me laugh out loud. And not the polite "lol" that really means the reader chuckled once inwardly, but the LO-freaking-L that probably startled my neighbors.

Love your posts, love your sarcasm. Totally following you now. :)

Call Me Cate said...

Lucky for me, I do not know any such song by any such "singer". Ugh, don't we have enough "artists" in the world without the whole crossover thing?

Totally with you on the until I vomit deal. I always thought it meant that. What do you mean it doesn't?