Thursday, January 7, 2010

I don't have the energy for this, New Jersey.

Blah blah blah you suck blah blah blah fuckatards, all of you (okay, not 14 of you- the other 20 of you should just sod off) blah blah blah... listen, just go read this. And this.

Oh, and a special double-bird-flip goes out to the backward-out-his-ass-talking Michael Doherty. He's the State Senator from the Washington Township in Warren County. Here's his quote. "Suddenly, today, there's implications that you're discriminating against folks when you want to maintain that definition."

Uhm, yeah. Asshole. If that "definition" you're "maintaining" is "I'm gonna keep it this way because how the hell else can I prove that I'm better than you?" That's exactly what you're doing. Let me reiterate. Asshole. (And, by the by, global warming? Being a skeptic therein? Ass. HOLE.)

And just because somehow there's more about him than New Jersey in general in this post- New Suck Suck Jersey Suck Suck.


Call Me Cate said...

I think you should take some time to sort out your feelings, decide what you really think about this.

Everyone talks about California falling into the ocean but I'd like to nominate NJ instead. I can't imagine it would be missed.

Mom said...

Somehow when New Jersey is mentioned, if someone is from there, etc. all credibility flies out the is replaced by scorn,disbelief, laughter and shaking of the head....aren't the few of you from that state with decency outraged by this...does Jersey Shore really represent you??? Get a grip..

Anonymous said...
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McGriddle Pants said...
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McGriddle Pants said...

You know, the way these states act, its amazing they let gays vote.
Some states even let first cousins marry, but not gays. WTF??!?
Mind boggling.