Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This is a post that is a link to a link.

Which I apologize for.

We've all heard about the girl who wanted to take her girlfriend to the prom. No, I didn't stutter. Girl, girlfriend. She is- gasp- a teenage lesbian. And her school said, "no". And the court said, "uh uh, motherfuckers, that's not allowed." And her school threw a pissy-fit and said, "FINE then! We didn't want to have a prom anyway, you big meanies! That is unless any one of our discriminatory disgusting asshole fine upstanding citizens would like to hold a private party for our select un-embarrassing students that we don't have to hide in the basement. Then we're totally into it."

Yeah, well. It's gone further. The Bloggess was upset by this. Read it. Follow the link.

The Bloggess was upset. She was hurt in her heart. I'm just pissed off. Listen up, state of Mississippi. Stand up and be counted as being against Itawamba Agricultural High School (yes, I am calling you fucking morons out by name), lest ye be painted with the same brush. This maliciousness is what is representing your state right now. Loud and clear, assert yourself.

This goes for everyone else, too. As I have always told my children, when you silently stand by when an atrocity is committed, you are supporting those who are inflicting it. Got it? Your silence is support to those that would do wrong.

Stand up. Speak up.


Autumn in jeans said...


Princess Andy said...

i can't even speak on this kind of shit in my posts.

it is a depressing sign of the fall of mankind.

this is also why i like my quiet hole hiding out in the country.

people are mean. i don't like most of them.

<3 andrea