Friday, June 4, 2010

Googling "band-aid" and "braille" gets you- along with *this* topic- pages that provide really stupid pick-up lines. Gentlemen, don't use these.

Apparently pharmaceutical packaging in the EU is required to have braille on it, as of this year.

This is the most boring first sentence of a post I have ever written. Blah.

Anyway! What this means, in some ass-backward way, is that the latest Band-Aid brand bandages that have made their way into my abode have braille. It's possible that off brand ones would, too- truly, I am not a brand snob- but I can't find any in my possession that do. (This doesn't mean that they're not currently sold with braille. Possibly the ones I have just pre-date this six-month old new mandate (that doesn't actually apply to my little spot of the world, yet here we are with braille boxes)... What? They're bandaids adhesive bandages, they don't expire. Or maybe they do, but I can't make myself care about that.)

So I present to you a couple of examples of said bandages:

That's right, Spongebob bandaids. I know you're jealous.

Now here is the possible conundrum. I am not blind. I don't currently know anyone who is. This raises two issues. A! I am not... fluent? literate? in braille. And B! I don't have anyone to ask.

And this is where I sound like an asshole. It seems like, really, it shouldn't be so hard to figure out, like, gee, I think I can decipher the code, play matchy-matchy with a braille cheat sheet. But this makes me sound like that filthy american who can "yo ahblo el esspanyolo". Because maybe I don't get the subtle nuances of braille. Maybe the little bit of extra space is exceptionally significant. Perhaps there's a symbol not listed on any sheet I've found, or maybe the language differs in other countries.

Or maybe Johnson and his son are the assholes.

Because, as far as I can tell, that says "nand-aid". Go ahead, google "braille" and get your own cheat sheet. Even Wikipedia isn't solving this one.

And this is where I make you, my dear readers, feel like assholes. Because someone needs to comment and educate me. Or someone needs to comment and redeem me. And the bit where you feel like an asshole? I'm assuming most of you are as "fluent" in braille as I. But someone has a blind friend. And that someone's reaction is going to be, "Hey! This girl thinks she knows braille better than Johnson and Johnson! Get over here and look at this and prove this bitch wrong!" Yeah, see? You're an asshole. At best you'll, "Uhm, dot-dot? And then one that looks like a colon?"

So, instead of dragging your blind friend over to the computer to look at my Spongebob bandaids, just go ahead and treat them to, oh, I don't know, a shopping spree at the grocery store? And just, all casual, hand them a box of bandaids.

Let me know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

Instead of dragging your blind friend over to the computer to LOOK at my Spongebob...hello?

Sarah said...

Uhm, yes indeed. That is why said person would feel like an asshole, as was stated in the preceding paragraph. Reading comprehension, people.

Anonymous said...

I think maybe the first two dots mean something else...? Because without them, it's fine. Don't ask me what they mean; I have no idea.
Also, if it were supposed to be an n it doesn't really match up with the other n.

Anonymous said...

the "B" is uppercase is all.

Sarah said...

Oh OF COURSE! Gee, I never thought of that! Except that EVERY protocol that I can find says that just dot 6, or in the case of a full-caps words, TWO dot 6s, is used to identify capitalization is to follow. Not what this shows.

Anonymous said...

I teach braille. The first symbol (dot 4,6) is incorrect - it should be a single 'dot 6' for a capitalized word or two 'dot 6' cells in a row for an entire capitalized word. Sarah's research is correct.

Lots of braille that you see in the world has minor grammar issues - speaking of using the word 'see', it's perfectly acceptable to use the word 'see' when talking about, and to, blind people. They just see differently than those of us with sight do.

ScubaNurse said...

YAAAAY! you were right. I LOVE that. Love the incorrect braille a lot less. hmph.
Is this like the terrible translations on the boxes of stuff we get here from asia?
My korean 'sister' LOVES those. She collects them. I shall have to notify her that there is a whole 'nother world in braille translations.
PS she tipped me off to