Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One of us is mature. The other is a mom.

Ethan: In a book in school, there's a picture of a boy completely naked.
Me: *shrug* You know what a naked boy looks like.
Ethan: Yeah, but I think that's completely inappropriate for school.

And this is where it would have ended, if it were up to me. But no.

Ethan: Some boys in my class were looking at it.
Me, trying to keep this conversation from turning into an interrogation: Where did this book come from?
Ethan: It came from Ms. {teacher's name redacted}'s room.
Me: And what was going on in the book?
Ethan: I don't know, I wasn't reading it. The boy was just standing there. Facing forward.

And before anyone asks, no, I did not complain/express concern to the school- for lots of reasons. For one, I am so not concerned- didn't want the conversation in the first place. For two, possibly Ethan misinterpreted it. For three, every kid is curious, it's no big deal.

For four? *At worst, I am not going to be the one outing little boys.

*Why, yes. Yes, that was a joke. Glad you recognized it.


AinsleyB said...

You are the coolest parent. Ever.

Call Me Cate said...

And this is where I would've been in trouble because my reaction might've been "was he hot?". Talk about a conversation you don't want to have...

Princess Andy said...

i would SO love to tackle those kinds of conversations again...

now i'm forced to discuss horrific shit like blow jobs.

and question why my 10 year old is giggling at the suggestive nature of a banana.


welcome to 2010?

Alex said...

привет всем