Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Aftr that I went in sid. but ladron I sall a deeyr but i didint no that I was goonu see deeyr.

Kids, at least in our area, are encouraged to write organically. That is to say without pesticides. Or maybe it means that they write out words as they think they should be spelled, concentrating on getting their ideas on paper rather than worrying about spelling and sentence structure. (Those requirements happen, just at a time when it won't squash the creativity.) It certainly leads to interesting reading, and, if nothing else, trains you to read lolcats.

An excerpt from Emily's past writing:

Rabits look for food wen its trneyn n to wintr. rabts breng thet food in to ther borows. You fiynd them sumtiyms. Rabits are sumtiyms hormlis krechrs but rabits arret owes hormlis krechrs. Rabits are fiyn if you be kerfol. Duks. Duks fliy sawth for the wintr thay riley dount like the cold thay hayt the cold it is bad for them.

A question then presents itself. Exactly what must one avoid doing to keep those damn rabbits from going on a rampage?

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