Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Origins of "My Drunk Monkeys"

Welcome to another edition of "here is a piece of my life that I already shared with Cassie, and would like to now share with you through copy/paste":

me: Emily: "there's no such things as ghosts"
Connor: "oh yeah? prove it!"
hardly fair
FlutterBy: that's wrong
shouldn't it be
there ARE no such things as ghosts?
grammar fail
me: yes
AND they're arguing
FlutterBy: i'm not sure how one would prove that, exactly
i think there's some sort of "burden of proof on the side of the accuser"
me: but she said "I WILL prove it! I'll stomp on every part of the kitchen!"FlutterBy: it's as good as any defense!
i'm not sure what it accomplishes exactly but at least she's a woman of action
me: C: "so! maybe the ghost is invisible!"
E: "but i don't FEEL anything!"
C: "maybe you DON'T feel anything from a ghost!"
FlutterBy: poor emmy
she's not gonna be able to win this one so much
me: it's like living with drunk monkeysFlutterBy: ahh, but at least they're YOUR drunk monkeysme: well, so THEY claimFlutterBy: no child birth memories to go by?me: come ON!
if i had memories of those things, would i have had a second or third child??? i mean, who's crazy enough to DO that???
FlutterBy: "they" say you magically forget
that it's one of those nature's miracle things
me: it's a defense mechanism... like ptsd

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Call Me Cate said...

Emily sounds like a real trooper. At least she doesn't give up! First your FIL and then ghosts...

What about "Oh, What the Crap"? Is there a story behind that? It amuses me to see those words superimposed over a pretty rainbow.