Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sam's not going to be happy I didn't bother capitalizing anything.

Sometime, years ago, I exploded Connor's head. Connor was just shy of ten, Ethan five and a half. Because I'm lazy it flows better, I'll fill you in with an excerpt from a chat between my friend Cassie and myself.

me: on the walk back to the house, he's telling me about this thing
they had to read a paragraph, or several
about jim henson
and then answer questions based on the reading
and he said there were "additional questions. like who is kermit?"
Mom: "a frog"
Connor:"who is miss piggy?"
M:"a pig"
C:"who are bert and ernie?"
FlutterBy: umm
me: "a couple who live on sesame street"
FlutterBy: i would not have had an age-appropriate response
me: beat
C:"nu uh!"
FlutterBy: what was his answer?
cuz, totally
me: to that question? i don't know
but he didn't like MY answer
FlutterBy: i think i would've maybe said "roommates"
dunno if that's any better
me: and i said "why nu uh?"
C:"because you make it sound like they're..."
C:"they are not!"
M:"why not?"
C:"they're brothers!"
FlutterBy: you just shattered his childhood beliefs
i never got brothers
me: M:"how do you know? i never heard that"
FlutterBy: even as a kid, i never got brothers
me: C:"well, how do you know THAT?"
M:"i don't. i just assume. they live together. they're adults"
Ethan: "what's a couple?"
FlutterBy: and those sweaters!!!
me: M: "two people who are a family"
Ethan: "well, grover has a mom"
M:"uh, no. like boyfriend and girlfriend kind of family"
Ethan:"oh. not like grover and his mom"

My only regret is that I potentially unintentionally outed two... men?... because that is so not what I'm about. I hadn't realized I was passing along other people's secrets.


Call Me Cate said...

Brothers doesn't really work for me. One of them is tall and thin. And yellow. The other is short and fat and orange. No way they're related.

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

I wonder if, by the time I have grandchildren, the two will feel secure enough to come out of the closet completely. Eliminate all the mother/son arguments.

And the "Oh... not like Grover and his mom" comment from the little one - hilarious!

FYI: quinoa? several people have said they love it. I would categorize it under "dirt flavored items" in my cabinet (if I were that organized). Try it and let me know what you think. :)

kimber p said...

I always just figured they were best buddies living together, it never crossed my mind as a child that they might represent a gay couple..of course they always had the Lucy and Ricky bedroom scenario where they both slept in separate the same room... now that I'm grown up and gay, I realized how progressive Sesame St actually was for it's time...
and look how long they've been together!! awesome.. :)

InMyOwnZoo said...

Well, my earring magic Ken is still in MY closet.He's worth over 50 BUCKS now!!!