Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Three Points for a Yellow Beetle

As a game in the car (read: way to keep the little buggers busy), we count yellow cars, except any form of work/business vehicle. Whoever gets the most points wins. All good, keeps them busy, yet the children (read: all of us) fight over who got whatever car first and I didn't see that one so it doesn't count and was there a sign on that truck because then you don't get any points. It somewhat negates the point of keeping them busy with it, all the fighting.

I don't know if everyone played the punch buggy game when they were kids (or still?). You know, where you count VW Beetles (way easier with all those new ones on the road)? And punch the other person for each one? We play that. Except my kids don't know about the punching part. Because I'm not an idiot, I am not informing them of that bit. And no one else is, either- under threat of me suddenly discovering a Beetle dealership and whaling on your ass.

Last weekend, Connor and I were traveling to one of his away games. Suddenly, we passed one of those little garages where some guy rebuilt/refurbished old Beetles. Oh, hell yeah! I started yelling out "red beetle, blue beetle, yellow beetle!" And, because I'm so mature, I started dancing in my seat, talking about how many points I had. Then Connor went ahead and ruined my day.

"Those aren't Beetles! They don't look anything like VW Beetles!"


Call Me Cate said...

He's also not going to believe you about answering machines with tape in them. Or busy signals for that matter.

Also, it amused me right off that your post about "Beetles" includes you calling your kids little BUGgers. Because I'm observant today.

Snarky A. said...

Ha ha, we even have that punching game in Sweden. Smart move though, on your part, to keep them in the dark. Thinking back on how out of control those games used to get as a kid, I am amazed that my mom was even able to stay on the road...

Mo Diva said...

i love kids