Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This post has too many links. I'll point out --> the important ones.

I was looking at -->something online this morning that reminded me that I have a crush on Wil Wheaton- this is thanks to thebloggess, who, years ago, reintroduced me to the grown-up version of him. It's just more proof that I'm a nerd-boy-groupie. So, there I am, totally immersed in stalkering Wil Wheaton, when Sam calls.

Sam: Hey.
Me: Hey, I'm gonna have Wil Wheaton's babies, if it's all the same to you.
Sam: What? Why?
Me: Huh? What do you mean?
Sam: You want to have more kids?
Me: What the hell? Of course not.
Sam: But... why do you want to have his babies?
Me: So he'd be the one impregnating me? Der. What the hell is wrong with you? (Yes, I do actually use the term "der". Twelve-year-old-pathetic, I know.)
Sam: Uhm, okay?

Which sounds exactly like permission to me.

So then I hop over -->here to find Joseph Gordon-Levitt, ohmyfriggingod, playing a guitar and singing and, ohmyfriggingod, did I mention I'm also a musician-boy-groupie, too? Hell yes. Just a man and a guitar. And Sam is too stubborn to learn guitar, dammit. I didn't know it could get better than seeing him on this Details magazine cover, which I had propped up on the desk at work as inspiration for not only me, but my coworkers, too. (Because I'm all sorts of generous. What? Most of the guys I work with are gay. And the ones that weren't took one look at the magazine and changed their minds. Yes, they did.) And then Sam took me to see Inception, and then this video?

I can't handle stalkering two people at once. It's too overwhelming.

And that, Sam, is why I didn't clean the house today. It's your fault, really.

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Call Me Cate said...

That is TOTALLY permission. And I hadn't thought about Wil Wheaton in years, except that "they" keep saying he's dead and then there's always an article clarifying that he is NOT dead. But not only is he not dead, he's alive and funny! I say that's definitely preferable.