Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I didn't even get a cupcake!

Last week was the birthday of one of my managers (I have a ton of managers). Someone, a better friend to her than I, made cupcakes for her and decorated them, one letter per cupcake. Before I left work, she offered cupcakes to my kids. I stood there, staring down at the cupcakes. I needed three that were identical. Eye-Den-Tih-Cul. Finally, I found three "A" cupcakes. Score.

I present the cupcakes after dinner.

Connor: I got an A.

Emily: I got an A.

Ethan: I got an A!

Yes! Avoiding the annoyance. Now, let me be clear, had I not been able to find matching cupcakes, I'd have told them to just deal. That or they could all lose the cupcakes. Whatever. I don't deal with that crap. But! Why have to even tell them to deal if I can avoid it? So! Thirty seconds later:

Connor: I have a V! (Listen, I'm not going to explain how this happened. You can figure this out and I will not belittle you.)

Emily AND Ethan: What??? I have an A! How did you get a V? I want a V! (What??? You want a V? What the hell for? WHY?!?!) Can I have a V instead? Why does he get a V and we both have A's?

Connor sat there and snickered. I glared at them. I told them I was not explaining it to them, either. If they couldn't figure it out, they deserved the A's.


Snarky A. said...

Oh, I'm sorry you did not get one! That is so unfair!

Call Me Cate said...

You left the most important part out - what KIND of cupcakes?

Also, I would've maybe thanked the coworker, picked out three, and then chowed them down in the car on the way home. Problem solved!

R Susanna said...

I'm with Cate. The cupcakes would never have made it home :).
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Laura said...

Me? I would've eaten them on the way home and never told them about the cupcakes. See you are nicer than me:) Laura