Tuesday, February 10, 2009

UPDATED: Did you know there were blog awards?

So kimber p over at I Know, Right?! was kind enough to give me an award for this here blog. Very kind of her. Thank you! Also, you must be crazy. But that's a kind of crazy I can get behind.

I'm supposed to paste that image and the accompanying copy right here. But then we all know I'm lazy as all get out- which is why I don't write this blog so much as give a transcript of my crazy-ass kids.

So, my dear half-a-dozen readers, go show Miss kimber p some respect- because, damn, she has good taste- check out her blog and her waffles (totally not a euphemism).

UPDATE: Apparently it totally is a euphemism, so go check out her blog, her waffles, and her breakfast foods, too. Thanks, kimber p!


andy said...

So it's 3:45 where you are and 1:45 where I am. I've totally got you narrowed down to the middle of North America. But kind of to the right more. Crap.

andy said...

Unless you change the times on your posts like I do. Then I'm completely guessing. Are you next door?

Sarah said...

jesus, andy. shh. i'm totally spying in your windows at work, and you're distracting me with your talky-talky.

Call Me Cate said...

Aww, your very first blog award! Can a Grammy be far behind? Even better, how about you win the lotto? And share. Specifically with me.

kimber p said...

the waffles end up on my ass anyway, so there really is no difference..you can check em both out if you like :) lol