Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Like My Coffee Like I Like My...

Let me preface this by saying that Sam neither drinks coffee nor grew up with anyone who did.

Yesterday morning, Sam decided to make me coffee. This was the third time he attempted it. Through trial and error, watching me, listening to me describe the process, he pretty much had it figured out. Still... something was wrong.

Me: You didn't do it right.
He: Yes I did!
Me: Thank you, it's really nice of you. But you didn't do it right!
He: You know, I'm tired of this! I did it exactly the right way! I put the water halfway between min and six on the "water" side! I put four scoops into the filter, I hit the "on" and "1-4 cups" buttons! I did it exactly how you told me to!
Me: Okay, I hear you. But it's not right! It's too dark and there's not enough! If you had put in that amount of water, it would be filled to here. I've done this a million times and it doesn't look like this when I'm done.
He: I did it the right way! The only thing I didn't do was change the filter. Do you do that everyday?

At that point, my eyes got wide, I put my hand over my mouth, and I'm sure my face paled. This was my fault. Out of sheer laziness (time honored tradition of mine, well documented in this blog), I never replace the filter in the coffee maker until the next morning when I'm making the next pot. But, really, I think of "replace dirty wet paper filter full of yesterday's coffee grounds" as an instruction the same as "close fridge door when finished putting milk in". A necessary, but completely obvious, step. I pulled myself together.

Me: Um, yeah. I change out the filter everyday.
He: Oh, okay. I didn't know that. That explains why it looks different.
Me: Thank god I just made coffee yesterday and not three days ago.
He: I think I would have noticed mold in there.
Me: Yeah, I'm not really sure you would.


Mom said...

Once again, the difference between men and women...God bless him for trying...and next time...perhaps he will bring it to you in bed !!!

Call Me Cate said...

Have you specified you also like a clean mug? I live with a male so I'm trying to think of other things that are open to any kind of deviation.

He's a good man for trying though. I think my coffee-making skills are why Joe bought the single-serve pod coffee thing.

Mo Diva said...

He sounds just like my boyfriend... except my boyfriend would have a tantrum over me not appreciating his good deed - regardless of him changing the filter or not.
I got one: my bf and I live together. he leaves the seat up and when i call him out on it he says "it wasnt me".
::bangs head on wall::
Love your stories!

Deb said...

OMG!!!!!!! I have had that exact same convo with my own husband who doesn't drink coffee. So glad it's not me.

BTW, I'm not a crazy stalker, I think I clicked over here from Six Word Saturday, but I've had a few glasses of wine so it's anyone's guess how I got here.