Thursday, August 20, 2009

This is Another Post About Accents

Every year, the local kids' soccer association hires a couple of soccer "professionals"- the quotes are because, honestly, I don't know what makes them professionals or if they really are or what professional what they are- to come in for several days and give all the kids some really good coaching before the season begins.

The really nice part about it? They're always young British men. Yay for accents! Yay for soccer bodies! Okay, football bodies, since I assume they were developed in England. Interestingly- but not surprisingly- one of them told me that coaching American fifteen year olds was the equivalent of coaching 8 year olds in England. This was one of the coaches from last year- a beautiful man, oh so lovely- fun to listen to and to look at!

This year, the guy is not so beautiful. Okay, if I'm being honest mean fair, I wouldn't even notice him in a crowd. But he has the accent, and damned if he doesn't also have the soccer calves. (Football calves?) And as a supportive mom, it's my duty to sit through practices- until the Brits leave, anyway.

Yay for soccer!


Call Me Cate said...

Cheers to the British! I'm a fan myself.

It's so good of you to support your children by attending the practices like that. In fact, if you can tell me where and when, I'll come support the children as well!

Word verification is "looked". As in "looked but not touched" maybe?

AinsleyB said...

Dear little "Cugar-in-training":
I changed my Garmin to oh so British Daniel just to hear his directions in that wonderful accent. Who could blame you wanting to hear the real thing?

Strange Mamma said...

Ainsley, that's hilarious. Except...wait...oh. ya. I totally did that, too.

slacker-chick said...

I'm a sucker for British accents and although I'm not a sports fan for "some reason" I can be quite content watching soccer, hmmm.