Thursday, August 13, 2009

*My friend Cassie thinks it has something to do with the amount of swearing in-front-of/at my mother that I do. The crap here is me censored, people.

This is my blog. Welcome! It's not terribly popular, which is fine because then I'd feel some obligation to write something of quality and also on a regular basis. And, honestly, maybe I do have time for that, but I'm far too lazy. It would definitely cut into my lazy time.

That does not mean I don't pay attention to what's going on with it, though. I see how many times it was visited in a day, I see what people are reading, I see where they're reading it from (both physically and how they found me). Mo Diva- obsessed with food, this girl, but totally dedicated to thoroughness on said subject- sends a lot of traffic (the good kind) my way. Also, I pay attention to who is following me- I do check your sites, just in case you don't use the stalker software I do. (By the way, Andy? For clarity, your "hoo haw" and my "hoo haw"? We're totally referring to different things (assuming I ever mention my hoo haw). Let's not get these things confused, okay?)

I'm related to close to half of my over a dozen followers, so it doesn't take a whole lot of "paying attention", but I noticed a while ago a new picture appeared, but the number hadn't changed. Eh. People change their image. No big deal.

I looked closer today. Y'all? My mother unfollowed me. This? Will be a rift bigger than that between Candi and Tori Spelling! How dare you unfollow me! (Shut up, Cassie, it's not a "technical issue".) I'm not sure what I did*, lady, but you are never seeing my children again! Also? I'm taking all my sisters with me! (They're totally going to take my side on this completely rational issue.) You will be stuck with just Dad to talk to! How do you like that, huh?

Ahem. Sorry about that... to Dad! You can come, too, except you never read this blog (which is a good thing because he might make me take down the bat video) so you won't know about this trouble... Wait... You never read this blog! You get to stay with Mom! Is a little loyalty too much to ask from family? (Don't answer that, Cate.)


Call Me Cate said...

Wow. Thankfully my mother has never followed me in the first place. Because then I'd have to pack up and leave.

You really let her have it but you DO realize she'll never see it, right? Because she quit following you?

All that shouting and righteous indignation for nothing...

Christine said...

Como se dice "I am cackeling with laughter" en espanol?

I hate you gave up all your spy moves girl...Connor's not following you, is he?

Princess Andy said...

i must disagree with cate regarding your mama not seeing your shiz rant...

i have a couple of ex-friends who stopped following me...'cause they're bitches...but i am 99% sure that they still come by every time i post. because i'm like the train wreck they can't stop watching 'cause it's more interesting than their mundane shit.

i think maybe i'm still harbouring some hate. i should probably get over that.


hoo haw is an awesome word. i would never assume that we had one and the same hoo haw 'cause you can use that word to describe a lot o' stuff.

kind of like the word "shit". it's all encompassing:

my shit
your shit
get that shit out of here
shit for brains
what is this shit?


where was i going with this?

when you do actually post, you do it with gusto...and once i clear out all my good shit from the bad shit, i won't lose you again in all the gazillion blogs i followed to get more followers.

i did that just to get back at previously mentioned bitches.


p.s. i suppose i'm kind of a bitch too.
p.p.s. it's part of my charm.
p.p.p.s. plus, i want some of your spyware please.

a corgi said...

hi; came over here by way of Cate's. Added myself as a follower (I'm that cute little corgi picture; bet you figured that one out already); no need to check out our blog; its a silly one about a silly, spoiled corgi

I enjoyed reading your entries about Wendy's and blogging in Iowa; I like your sense of humor and your style of writing :)

enjoy the weekend


Grand Pooba said...

Nice Sarah! And Cate thought she failed because she was unable to spread her STD. You only truly fail when your own mother turns her back on you.

That or stops following your blog.

kj said...

thanks for stopping by my place. come back anytime.

you are a GOOD writer...


Anonymous said...

I did no unfollow you. I will never unfollow you. You may try to block me or something....

Sarah said...

Holy hell. I hope ^that^ is my mom...

Mo Diva said...

Love this blog. Who cares if a million people read it- you have a great sense of humor and the swearing is the best part!

I got excited with the smiley pepper in the other post. :-)