Monday, August 17, 2009

Would Calling it "The Face of Jesus" be a Little Much?

It's a friggin' miracle- of Buddy Jesus proportions, anyway. I cut into a green pepper that I grew all by my onesies in my own backyard garden. Lo and behold:

It even has eyebrows!

Be happy.

And listen, no one come and tell me that this means the pepper was contaminated with typhoid or something. We already ate the pepper, so I'd rather just not know.


Mom said...

Holy moley....that is really cool.Or did you put that face there yourself....come on...fess up...otherwise the Vatican may be calling you to say that Jesus is really happy with you...

Call Me Cate said...

That is one impressive pepper! However, I'm pretty sure that's MY face on there, from my blog. You should've held on to it - once I complete my plan for world domination, my face in a pepper will be even more valuable than the face of Jesus!

Strange Mamma said...

See, this is why those little happy faces creep me out. *shudder* Pardon me, I have to go throw out all my green peppers, I totally can't handle them looking at me like that.

InMyOwnZoo said...

Did you eat the happy face? And when you did- did it cry?

Princess Andy said...

i think when images of faces start appearing everywhere you look it is a sign from the universe that you have been chosen for a great purpose.

like making me laugh.

that is awesome.

and also a little creepy.

you should try to breed more of them. i bet you could make a fortune.