Wednesday, August 26, 2009

If I Offended You with the Jesus Face in the Pepper, Don't Read This One.

While cleaning off the black hole downstairs desk, I had to sort through the kids' school papers from the last two years (shut up). In doing so, I came across another gem from Emily from first grade. You don't read First Grader, you say? No problem, I'll translate.

My Gerbil Gerby
by Emily
My Gerbil Gerby begs a lot.
He makes tunnels a lot, too.

Sometimes he drinks and
eats a lot, too.
But I like him.
He is good to me.

Uhm... I mean... at least i think I got that last bit of translation right. Maybe he really is God to her. (Er, was. Germy Gerby has gone- to heaven, bitches!- now.) She did capitalize the "Hem", after all.


Mo Diva said...

i want to be a kid again.

Call Me Cate said...

It's no "hormlis rabits" (still one of my favorite posts) but it's good stuff.

Princess Andy said...

since you always know where i am and what i'm doing i was kind of afraid to not comment lest i unleash your fury;)

i love reading my kids stuff from back in the makes up for the evil they spew at me now.


AinsleyB said...

When are you going to simply set up cameras in your house? I'd rather see this action live.